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Certified Accountants That Matter

CSSJ Accounting Services lets you worry less about your expenses and focus more on what truly matters to you. 


We understand that accounting matters can be complex, and we are here to make them as easy to manage as possible. We specialize in a wide range of tax and accounting areas. 

We have more than 15 years of experience in industries such as: 







Contact us to see how you can benefit from our services.

  • Trading or Wholesale

  • F&B, hawkers

  • Taxis, delivery or logistics 

  • Education and training

  • Air conditioning 

  • Hardware and engineering 

  • I.T. 

  • online sellers

  • mobile industry

  • telecommunication 

  • Assembly business

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Printing

  • Interior Design

  • Property Management 

  • MCSTs

  • Property Agents

  • Maintenance and services

  • all other service providers

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